L8STAR Fly-Air-Mouse Keyboard Remote-Control Ir-Learning Universal Android Wireless Backlit

    L8STAR Fly-Air-Mouse Keyboard Remote-Control Ir-Learning Universal Android Wireless Backlit Specification & Description Summary

    L8STAR Fly-Air-Mouse Keyboard Remote-Control Ir-Learning Universal Android Wireless Backlit Specification

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    L8STAR G7 Russian Backlit Fly Air Mouse with IR Learning Wireless Mini Keyboard Universal 2.4G Remote Control for Android TV BOX



    1. Perfect touch, classic double sided, full keyboard curve model-ling design

    2. Adopting low power consumption 2.4G wireless connection, with strong anti-disturbance ability,

        also with LED indicators to indicate the connection status

    3. Support low voltage work:3.6-4.2V

    4. With intelligent  Anti-shake algorithm to make sure the mouse cursor stable and smooth

    5. Built in High Fedelity Voice Microphone

    6. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

    7. Built-in 6-axis gyroscope sensor

    8. 5 Keys Support IR Learning(programmable)

    9. The Backlit of laser engraving is clearly mapped to each character

    Note: There are have 5 different version:

    1. English Standard(No Voice ,No Backlit)

    2. English Backlit(No Voice)

    3. Russian Backlit(No Voice)

    4. English Backlit + Voice(G7V Pro)

    5. Russian Backlit + Voice (G7V Pro RU,Recommend)


    Product description

    G7 2.4G Air Mouse is multi-axes handheld pointing device,working at multi-environment for computer and other smart devices. 
    It is plug and play, simple and smooth. 
    It works as a keyboard, and you can use it portable to replace your usb keyboard. 
    It works as a remote, can use for work or school or home entertainment system as a remote control device. 
    It works as a mouse, which converts your space movement in the air into an accurate displacement on the screen. 
    It is designed with some universal function keys, which work for most TV boxes, HTPC. (it is not granted to work for all though because some systems are customized by the vendor) 

    1. IR control+IR learning 
    2. Mouse Cursor On/Off 
    3. 6-Axis Inertia Sensors built-in 
    4. 2.4G RF wireless technology, high stability 
    5. Supports the systems of Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux 

    Technical Specification: 
    01) Transmission: 2.4 G RF wireless 
    02) Battery Type: built-in Rechargable Lithium-ion Battery 
    03) Control distance: >10m 
    04) The key number: 35keys+42keys(add ESC, TAB, SHIFT, CTRL) 
    05) Sensor: 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor 
    06) Material: Plastic and silicone 
    07) Working Power: Less than 10mA in the work condition 
    08) Color: Black 
    09) Size: 5.6*2.1*0.7inch 
    10) Weight: About 100g 

    Package including 
    1 * User Manual 
    1 * USB Wireless Receiver 
    1 * 2.4 G Keyboard with Air Mouse Remote control

    G7VR Pro (1)G7V Pro (2)_副本_副本G7 Russian Back BacklitG7VR Pro (3)

    G7VR Pro (8)G7VR Pro (4)G7VR Pro (5)G7VR Pro (6)G7VR Pro (7)G7VR Pro (9)G7VR Pro (10)G7VR Pro (11)G7VR Pro (12)G7VR Pro (13)G7VR Pro (15)G7VR Pro (14)

    How to Use

    Plug USB dongle into the USB port of your device, use this product for the first time,wait for 20-60 seconds until the USB dongle driver to be installed, then a mouse cursor will move on the screen, means the pairing is successful. 

    If the pairing is unsuccessful, first press and hold the "OK" key, then press the “IR ” button,then the green indicator start blinking. When the green indicator stops blinking, pairing succeeds.


    IR Learning (Example for learning “Power” key of the TV remote )

    1.Long press the “IR” button, indicator light will convert from fast flashing to slow flashing, the Air Mouse to enter IR learning mode.

    2.After the Air Mouse and TV remote control have been infrared transmitter aligned, press the power “Power” button of the TV remote control, then indicator light shall be on, indicating that the Air Mouse has receive the code value that from TV remote control.

    3.Press Infrared code value reserve storage key of the Air Mouse, the indicator light becomes slow flashing, which means that the Air Mouse has received the code values.

    4.After the success of learning, you can press “IR” button to exit learning mode.




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    L8STAR Fly-Air-Mouse Keyboard Remote-Control Ir-Learning Universal Android Wireless Backlit

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